Wednesday, April 10, 2013

News Freshly Faked

President Obama called for tough knife control legislation after an attacker in Texas wounded 14 people on a college campus. "We need to limit these high capacity knives that allow a single person to do so much damage so quickly. I propose limiting pocket knives to no more than 2 blades, 1 screwdriver and a can opener. No one 'needs' a corkscrew or a pair of scissors on a knife! That is just the kind of reckless behavior that leads to these kinds of tragedies"

Joe Biden was saddened to learn of the death of Margeret Thatcher this week. "She will be missed. She was always my favorite mouseketeer and those beach movies were fantastic."

Climate Global Warming theorists claimed victory this week when data proved that this past March was only the 19th coldest on record thus proving that warming is occuring. A noted warming skeptic released this statement; 'Wait, what?'

Economy George Bush made headlines last week by once again causing the Jobs report to be dismal. In a news conference president Obama stated " We are still not sure how he does it, but former President Bush is the biggest drag on this economy ever. The FBI is investigating and charges will be filed soon. In the meantime please enjoy your free health care."

Axe body Spray launched a promotion this month to send a winner to space. As a result all Nasa employees are required to "like" Axe on Facebook and enter as often as possible.

Monday, April 8, 2013

On Moving, Starting a new job and relaunching a blog

I'm back! after a long break that had me focused on things in the meat world rather than the cyber I am back.

It has been a hectic few months. The last time I wrote I was extolling the virtues of Christmas in WI. Since then much has changed in my life.

First, we found the house we had been looking for for the last three years. A much smaller ranch style house has replaced the too large and drafty Victorian mini-mansion we used to call home. Most families would not speak kindly of going from 3200 square feet down to 1700, but it has brought my family closer together than I had ever dreamt possible and the happiness levels are through the roof.

Second, I have completed my job search and accepted a position with the Federal Government. Training and orientation are this week so i hope to keep you all as informed about my progress as I am able.

Lastly, I have decided to come back to blogging. Many family and friends have expressed sadness that i had stopped as they were using the blog as a way to make certain i was still alive. Other readers have contacted me stating that they actually enjoyed reading the blog and missed it. (This surprised me). So I am back.  Look for fake news on Wednesday as usual.

Thank you to everyone who sent kind thoughts and prayers during my employment struggles of the last few months. your support has meant more than you can ever know. I will do what I can to repay you by making this blog the best i possibly can.

Monday, December 24, 2012

On Christmas In Wisconsin (Part 2)

Well it is finally here. The day we have spent all December trying to prepare for and yet never seem quite ready. The stockings have been hung and the tree trimmed at my home for some time and we have spent the last few days enjoying the sights and sounds of the season. Unfortunately a minor blizzard last week canceled the youngest's school program and we spent the better part of a day without electricity. Other than that hiccup it has been a fantastic week.

Wednesday Dec. 19, 2012: Mad dash to the stores to pick up final items and food stuffs before the predicted storm arrives at 6:00pm. School for Thursday was cancelled by 3:00pm before a single flake of snow fell.

Thursday Dec. 20, 2012: We awake to find a light covering of snow. Reports are that the worst of the storm is due at 12:00 noon. Oldest and I make last trip to the store to find a gift for her to give to the youngest. We also buy her a new pair of snow boots. The storm starts on schedule at Noon. Power goes out shortly after 1pm it is restored by 230.  We think we have dodged a bullet. Power fails again at 430pm it does not come back. We spend a cold dark night huddled together.

Friday Dec 21, 2012: I awake disappointed to discover the world did not end over night and I would be forced to shovel the large amount of snow and ice on the drive. The power is still out. After clearing the drive (partially) I am delighted to discover our Water heater does not use any electricity and am able to take a hot shower. We leave t=he house to warm up at the mall. Most of the town seems to be there as well. We decide to get a hotel room. We head home and begin packing. Power returns just as we are heading to the door. Kids complain that we are no longer going. I am relieved.

Saturday Dec 22. 2012: Annual trip to the Rotary Botanical Gardens Light Show. Biggest crowd we have ever seen at the show. It seems as though the secret is out and this little wonder is becoming a major attraction.

Sunday Dec 23, 2012: Oldest and I consider a new tradition and tour the Victorian Holiday Display at the Lincoln-Tallman House. Very pretty and interesting. Not every day you get to see a bed that President Lincoln slept in.

Monday Dec 24, 2012: Extended family Christmas. This is hard to explain and I will try to add pictures of the event later. When we are all together there are more than 50 of us. My In-Laws, Their 8 kids and spouses, the grandchildren (and in some cases their spouses) and the Great Grand children. It is a gathering like no other. There are games, food, drinks (Tom and Jerrys are the speciality) and a choice of church service at 4 or 10 pm. (My portion of the clan takes the 4pm option so the kids are so grumpy).

Tuesday Dec 25, 2012: Quiet day at home with just the 4 of us. We will exchange gifts and see what Santa has left for the well behaved members of the family. I hope each and every one of you are able to relax and enjoy the day with those you hold dear. Merry Christmas.

As a special treat here is a link to one of my favorite Christmas Stories: Frontier Christmas